Moderator automatic draft regulator

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To the wall of the chimney, to regulate 10-30 Pa, galvanized version

With tube-adapter, to110-200 mm diameter, with mounting accessories, to regulate 10-30 Pa, it can be mounted to horizontal tube-part, with cutting templates, galvanized version

More and more people meets with the modern, constantly burning machines, and experiences, heat with them is how economical, and comfort. The old innervations, which says “It is impossible heat with a fireplace”, slowly start to disappear (sadness of many tiled stove builder).

Although, for the appropriate function, of a good device, you have to grant the appropriate operating conditions as well! It is not enough buying the modern, good fireplace, because it won’t produce as warm, as expected, if the conditions are not granted!

What am I speaking about? First of all the dry hardwood, as combustion. It is indispensable. Luckily it is easy to accept, as a fact: without good wood, it is impossible to fire well.

The other question is a bit more complicated, although it is at least as important as the first one, because it is impossible fire well without a chimney. In this theme, it is easy to accept: small chimney is wrong. Unfortunately, the most of chimneys is not too small, but too big for its heater. We can say, within the 65-70% of the Hungarian chimneys, it is higher the value of the wind, than the prescribed. On the one hand, this damage the heater, on the other hand excludes the opportunity of the economical, and comfort heat, because a great part of the formed warm escape unutilized through the chimney.

When shall you star to suspect, there is something wrong? Let’s say, when you see the discoloration of the stainless flue profiles (picture 1). When you perceive it, you should always ask the help of an expert, who can measure the wind of your chimney. With the right instrument, it is a fast, soon recoverable operation.
The measurement starts with, the formation of the pressure opening, and the calibration of the wind-meter. Important: in every case, its only then worth, to measure if the instrument, and the chimney too at their operating temperature. In other case, we can get a wrong result! Than build the wells, namely put the wind-meter onto a stabile floor, a well visible place, not near to a heater. Put the sensor into the pressure opening.

If you look at the instrument, you will see, the value of the wind is much higher, than the wind volume that’s given in the operating instructions of the device. As you can see in the pictures, it is higher than the twice of the volume, which should be, despite of the chimney size is not bigger than the fireplace inserts’ flue outlet’s size (200 mm). Think, how big would be this value, if a device were operate from this chimney with 150 mm fireplace inserts’ flue outlet size! With values like this, you can’t expect neither constantlyburning, nor controllability, not even comfort heat, because, you will have to always throwing the wood into the fireplace! This is the case when the old stove builder phrase comes true: “It is impossible heat with a fireplace”! Well, that’s sure; it is impossible with the devices showed before. What is the solution? We made a try: open the chimney cleaning door. The wind value recovered.

So there is a solution to make a fireplace working well! Alright, but we can’t use a fireplace with open chimney cleaning door! There is a devise which invented to decrease the wind value: the moderator. It can be the solution. Place the devise into the smoke flight, as it can see in the picture, build a big fire, and with the help of the draft regulator counterweight, and the wind-meter, regulate the moderator, that way, not let the highest value of the wind to be higher than the prescribed. Important: be sure, the wind value is not too small, because it can cause big problems in the chimney later. If the setting were successful, there’s nothing remained, but close the meter hole, clean and pack the instrument. You can be sure this fireplace is going to work, as it was destined in the factory.

Stay there for a couple of minutes, and watch the operation of the moderator. It should nearly always move, depending on the degree of the wind. If it stand in one place, be sure the axis (which the valve is move) is not tight! If the valve is “live” with the device, than you can be sure, you did it well! Compared with the original conditions, you can calculate with significant savings of the combustion, and significantly more effective, more conformable heat. With a gingerly calculation, you can see, the price of the moderator will return, in the consumption of the combustion under 2-3 seasons. In case there is any malfunction, caused by a huge wind, the return nearly immediate, because using with inadequate conditions withdrew the guarantee.

One last thing! Never confuse moderator with flap valve! The moderator decrease the value of the wind within the chimney, by decrease the temperature of the air within the chimney, because the value of the wind doesn’t depends only on the capability of the chimney. The higher the temperature difference makes the bigger value of the wind. The cold air, allocate into the chimney, by the moderator on a regulated way, decrease the value of the wind on a way, it don’t form a barrier for the forming smoke gases, to leave. The flap valve exactly does this: with its full size tries to keep the smoke within the fireplace, so in the house or flat. It doesn’t decrease the value of the wind literally, but the quantity of the flow. It can be dangerous from several aspects: when a door open the smoke could flow back, the glass can be covert with nail thickly, because of the lack of oxygen, there can be form imperfect burning, and very important: the flap valve is always a serious opportunity for malfunction, because this is that structural element of the fire place, which exposed to the most massive stress.

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