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I am Ákos Belinszky, I am dealing with building and designing fireplaces for 24 years. My original education is Russian interpreter, technical translator, which I earned in Kiev at Sz. M. Kirov Rocket Engineering College.
I helped to develope, distribute and implement new and improved machines for prestigious French, German, Czech and Bulgarian companies:

  • organize and lead events (presentations mostly)
  • interpreting/translating
  • contact

BA Kandalló KFT is waiting for its nice Clients for 8 years. Before ordering we try to show our Clients the advantages of the modern and high efficiency products, not to forget about the safety given by the up-to-date materials.

Nowadays, we can bravely admit that most of our buildings are constantly or longly burners and are completely closed. They have the efficiency around 80% and theirdemandforwood is 1/2-1/3 of the usual, finally their heating comforts are peerless. Even so, accepting the needs, we picked up the traditional instruments to our offer again, eventhough if these products have no any advantages besides their price.

We give five years of guarantee for our buildings, which applies to the firebox, to the building, as well as to protect the constructions consistency. We can just provide the guarantee in the case of having a mandatory yearly overview at the end of heating season. The protection of the consistency is highly depends on the users habits, this is why we like to see that who, how and whit what he uses his/her fireplace (The overview can be done for a fee).

I would lie if I say that there cannot be bigger or smaller misunderstandings and arguments in our life, but we always could handle them on the way, that the rights of our Customerwould not be damaged. In order to proof this we received the “Építkezők Fogyasztóvédelmi Egyesületének Panaszmentességi Igazolványát”, which confirms that we do not have any registered any decrees that would condemn us for damaging the violation of the consumer rights. In the case of a bigger fallacy our professional liability insurance would provide security for You (it does well for us till 50.000.000 HUF).

At BA Kandalló in this season the professional guidance and the site survey (in a range of 50 km or in a case of ordering from us) if free.

We still waiting for you question on our GYIK page, and we try to answer them in 24 hours.

In Erdőkertes we wait You in our renewed 50 m2 showroom, where after a pre-arranged reconciliation You can see more structured fireplaces, stone and tile samples, 13 fireplace inserts, stoves and one operative building as well..

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Belinszky Ákos: +36-70-638-4187

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